For large areas

XL 1.0

The Heatweed XL is an extremely efficient solution designed for large areas. Easy-to-use valve control makes targeted treatment possible. This means lower water and energy consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. Heatweed is happy to assist with key figures and tender calculations.

The XL can be mounted on various implement tool carriers. Optionally the machine can be delivered with a cleaning function as hot-water washer. This option allows adjustable water pressure up to 130 bar.


  • 100 % water with no additives apart from anti-scaling liquid (natural product)
  • Heatweed Automatic Temperature Regulation ensures highly accurate water temperature (+/- 0.6 oC) and consistent weeding results
  • Low water consumption per square meter means that water tank has to be topped up less frequently
  • Inaccessible areas can be treated with hand lances
  • Sturdy, reliable and weatherproof
  • Suitable for all type of surface where weeds, grow, accessible with a tool carrier
  • Can be used throughout the season in any kind of weather
  • Comfortable, safe and simple operation from cab
  • No need for sweeping after use
  • Optional integrated filter system for use with surface water
  • No damage to road surfaces and sidewalks
  • Can be mounted on/removed from tool carrier in 30-60 minutes
  • Personal advice and training program by The Heatweed Academy

Daily capacity: 6.000-10.000 m2/day*
Annual capacity (3 times/season): 140 hectares/season**
Capacity number: 140/34
Weed control water consumption (max): 34 litres/minute
Weed control water pressure: 0.2 bar
Weed control water temperature on plant: 98-99,6 °C
Cleaning mode water pressure: 120 bar
Cleaning mode water temperature: 90 °C
Operation/burner: Hydraulic/Diesel or Aspen D Biodiesel
Burner: 2 units
Capacity burner tank: 105 litres
Capacity of water tank: 800 litres
Working width: 140 cm
Application system: 7 x 20 cm independent sections
Side nozzles: High capacity nozzles on both sides
Transport speed: 25-40 km/h depending on implemented tool carrier
Operating speed 100% weed cover (min): 0.5 km/h
Average treatment speed:
Operating speed low weed cover: Average 2-2,5 km/h (60 cm unit: up to 5 km/h)
Emissions class: > EURO6
Standard colour: RAL 9006
Weight heating unit (net): 560 kg (ex. water and fuel)
Weight dosing unit: 140 kg


Equipped with:

  • 140 cm dosing/front unit
  • Lateral adjustment of dosing unit (60 cm left/right)
  • Rear view camera



  • 60 cm fast forward dosing unit (Max. 5.0 km/h)
  • 500- or 1,150-litre water tank
  • Surface water pump (incl. hose and basket)
  • Hand-held weed lance with 4 m hose or 12 m hose on reel
  • Function for cleaning with pressure up to 120 bar
  • Mounted on tool carrier, i.e. Holder, Multihog, Wille.



* Real empirical figures for customers.

**Treatment frequency 3 times/season.

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