Innovative technology

The Heatweed®Method

• Best results
• Longest regrowth time
• Highest capacity
• Lowest cost per m2
• Very low operating costs
• Can be used without risk on all hard surfaces and gravel paths
• Suitable for use in tree pits and flower beds
• Can be used in any weather
• No fire risk – can be used throughout the season
• Sturdy, flexible machines
• Ergonomic and easy to use
• More than 500 references in Europe
• Leader in technology and development
• 5 different models to suit every need


It is the temperature that kills the weeds, not the water. The water is just the energy carrier. The temperature is stable 98-99°C at the weed and if the energy is transferred correctly, it has a systemic effect on the roots. According to research done at the Swedish University of Agricultural Studies (SLU), the energy released kills the plant’s cell structure in a tenth of a second, as a result of which the plant self-destructs and the roots die. Lower temperatures do not have the same systemic effect on the roots, so the weed grows back very quickly. All you have done is water the weeds! This is precisely what happens when you use high-pressure washers, for example. The Heatweed® Method eradicates the weeds permanently.

Heatweed technology comprises two machine models mounted on implement carriers and three hand-operated machines. These can be placed on a flatbed, an ATV, an electric vehicle, a trailer or a pickup. All the machines are aim the weeds directly by means of a manual application system or a sensor. Our patented technology offers water and energy savings of 70-90%. All our machines can be filled with surface water. With their good reliability and low pressure, our machines are both simple and practical. They can be used on any type of surface.

  • Environmental friendly: Since energy consumption is minimal, the emissions are too. The machines have been tested and adapted for use with Aspen biodiesel.
  • Long-lasting: Hot water is applied to the vegetation’s leaves at a temperature of 98-99°C, which bursts the plant cells. They send a message to the rest of the plant that it is under attack and the plant self-destructs.  An average of three or four treatments a year will suffice.
  • Suitable for all surfaces: Very hot water combined with low pressure means that Heatweed is suitable for all hard surfaces and gravel. The wheel pressure of the vehicle-operated machines can be reduced with special tyres. All models can be used on artificial turf and carpets on sports grounds.
  • Works safely without causing damage: Thanks to the low pressure at the nozzle, the work can be carried out with precision right up to façades or a few centimetres away from summer blooms in a flowerbed without damage to the surroundings. The manually controlled side jets on machines for implement carriers make it possible to combat weeds along façades, by kerbs and in gutters. The method does not involve a fire risk, cause dust nuisance or leave behind metal particles like steel brushes, for example.

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