Innovative technology

Next generations machines

The Heatweed Method is already on the syllabus at several horticultural colleges in Scandinavia and our specialists are popular speakers at meetings of green-space professionals.

Research, development and collaboration with selected universities and end users provide the basis for all further technological and mechanical development.


The EU is introducing new rules for chemical use from 2014-2018. The phase-in period will vary from country to country, but the rules have to be implemented in all European countries by 2018.
In order to meet the need for new, eco-friendly solutions, Heatweed cooperates closely with several research environments and universities in Europe. The aim is to advise on testing to do with methodology and long-term impact, and to contribute to smarter, more effective solutions within existing technologies.
Heatweed is also developing the next generation of ‘vision technology’ together with our partners. The object is always to give our machines higher capacity and lower costs per square metre for local authorities, contractors and other customers with the same good Heatweed results.