Multi S

Heatweed Multi S is a multifunctional and easy-to-use solution recommended for small municipalities, contractors, housing cooperatives and cemeteries. The trailer hood is made of UV-resistant polyethylene - a highly soundproofing material that allows operation in sensitive areas, such as hospitals and schools.

This innovative machine has intuitive digital operation with joystick and its own power source for use in places where power supply is not available. The intercooling heat-exchanger keeps the fuel usage and exhaust emission to a minimum.

Heatweed Multi S works perfectly as a high-pressure washer as well as a environmentally-friendly weed control machine. With pressure up to 200 bar and temperature up to 100 °C it quickly dissolves dirt and algae - without the need of chemicals.

  • 100% water with no additives apart from anti-scaling liquid (natural product)
  • Heatweed Automatic Temperature Regulation ensures highly accurate water temperature (+/- 0.2 oC) and consistent weeding results
  • Quick and easy to start, informative display and level indicators
  • High-precision operation with lightweight, ergonomic hand lances
  • Inaccessible areas can also be treated – reaches up to 40 metres
  • Low noise level and low emissions, can be used in crowded areas
  • A safe machine – no fire risk and P-Zero Valve (the machine will switch to a pressure less circuit when closing the safety gun/no pressure on the HP hose)
  • Built storage space for lances under the hood
  • Aerodynamic design for less air resistance and lower fuel consumption
  • No damage to surfaces, street furniture or private property
  • Can be used throughout the season in any weather
  • Optional Track&Trace system that tracks location, work hours and more
  • 12 V operating voltage for electronic control unit and burner boiler unit
  • Simple to transport, prepared axle for up to 100 km/h
  • Automatic speed control (30 s shutdown delay to idle speed)
  • The fuel-saving 70 kW GreenBoiler and 20 kW intercooling heat-exchanger increases the efficiency
  • A highly professional cleaning solution
  • 2 years Heatweed Warranty
  • Kindergardens and playgrounds
  • Parks and small green spaces
  • Hedges with bark chips and flower beds
  • Flowerbeds and gardens
  • Stadiums and on artificial turf pitches
  • Squares, bust stops and streets
  • For cleaning
  • Daily capacity: 2000-2800 m2/day*
  • Annual capacity: Up to 34 hectares/­season**
  • Capacity number: 34/10
  • Weed control water consumption (max): 10 litres/minute
  • Weed control water pressure: 0.2 bar
  • Weed control water temperature on plant: 99°C
  • Cleaning mode water consumption (max): 18 litres/minute
  • Cleaning mode water pressure: Up to 200 bar
  • Cleaning mode water temperature: Adjustable
  • Capacity of water tank: 200 litres, intergrated
  • Operation engine: Diesel
  • Operation burner: Diesel
  • Number of burners: 1 unit with 90 kW heating capacity (70 kW GreenBoiler + 20 kW Intercooling)
  • Capacity fuel tank for burner: 50 litres
  • Noise level 1 m from machine: <85 dB
  • Emissions class: < EURO6
  • Colour: White and grey housing
  • Measurements machine (l x w x h): 2665 x 1559 x 1354 mm
  • Weight (net): 740 kg


Equipped with:

  • Stainless steel hose reels with 25 HP hose with heat protection
  • 20 cm weed lance, 45 cm weed lance with wheels, high-pressure cleaning lance
  • Operation console with digital display and joystick
  • Integrated suction pump for water supply from another tank
  • Overrun brake on trailer
  • Kohler/Lomarbdi Engine 12.5 kW



  • 40 meter hose
  • External 500 liter watertank
  • Work lamp
  • Rotating beacon/warning light
  • Track & Trace system which tracks location history and work hours
  • Tarpaulin/protective cap
  • Custom color housing upon request


* Real empirical figures for customers
**Treatment frequency 3 times/season

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