The Heatweed® Method

The most cost-effective and efficient non-chemical weed control solution on market. Environmentally friendly. Proven systemic effects on roots.

Leading, innovative technology that benefits both the environment and the wallet. Range of 6 CE approved machines for all areas of use and all surfaces.


The main reason why the Heatweed® Method give a stable, consistent result on the weeds is our Active Temperature Regulation, which secures highly accurate water temperature. The high temperature destroys the cell structure of the plant and kills the upper part right at once. After each treatment the plants grow weaker and weaker, untill it is eradicated permanently. Watch demo film under.

Illustration photos before treatment – immediate after treatment – 3 days after treatment:


Environmental friendly: No chemicals, only hot water. Minimal energy consumption equals low emissions. Adapted to Aspen D Biodiesel.

Long-lasting: Hot water is applied at a temperature of 98-99,6°C, which bursts the plant cells. An average of three or four treatments a year will suffice.

Suitable for all surfaces: The very low pressure makes this method suitable for all surfaces and gravel – including artificial turf and carpets on sports grounds.

Works safely and precisely: The low pressure allows for the work to be carried out with precision right up to façades or a few centimetres away from plants in flowerbeds – without damage to the surroundings. The method does not involve fire risk, cause dust nuisance or leave behind metal particles.

An excellent cleaning solution: The 4 smaller models are also professional high pressure washers. Algae and moss disappear easily using Heatweed’s washing lance, without the use of chemicals.


  1. The most consistent results and the longest regrowth time: Thanks to Heatweed Active Temperature Regulation
  2. Lowest cost per m2 treated area and the highest capacity: Per machine in it’s range
  3. Lowest energy consumption: Less than a quarter of the energy consumption of modified high-pressure washers
  4. Lowest water consumption: Optimzied power and flow to reduce water usage (up to 65% less)
  5. Lowest exhaust emissions: We comply with the strictest exhaust requirements in the world
  6. Highest safety: Complete with Heatweed’s safety system on all functions, including lances
  7. Lowest noise level: Measured for the whole machine, not just parts of it. Readings taken just 1 m away
  8. Best working environment: User friendly and ergonomic, developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and users

* Compared to similar machines on market.


Find your local dealer and ask for a demo, navigate through our machine range or read about research on non-chemical weed control.

LAST, but not least

• Very low operating and maintanence costs
• Can be used without risk on all hard surfaces and gravel paths
• Suitable for use in tree pits and flower beds
• Can be used in any weather
• No fire risk – can be used throughout the season
• Sturdy, flexible machines
• Ergonomic and easy to use
• Several thousand references in Europe
• 6 different models to suit every need
• Can be used to fight invasive species (ISRP)