Project predictability is important for customer and supplier alike. Heatweed's Machine & Method® gives you documented key figures showing the total cost per square metre treated per season.

The figures are calculated on the basis of the customer's requirements and adjusted for each individual Heatweed machine model.


Competition for public contracts and prestigious private-sector projects is becoming ever tougher. Price is crucial for virtually all tenders, in addition to which there are detailed requirements for implementation and outcome. It is easy to miscalculate and slash profitability over the contract term – or not cover all the agreed areas.

Working with you, we calculate the total cost in the following areas:

  • In different weather and temperature conditions
  • For all machine models
  • For different implement carriers
  • On different surfaces
  • In different traffic conditions
  • In different urban and rural environments
  • For the different species of moss, algae and weed


Do you want a competitive advantage in the battle for contracts and help with calculating your costings/tender?

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