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There is too much work, too little time, not enough money and too short a season. Every town wants to look clean, tidy and weed free. At the same time, regulations have to be complied with, budgets have to be met, protected areas have to be safeguarded and undesirable run-off into waterways has to be prevented, to name but a few of the challenges faced when it comes to combating weeds.

Our gentle, environmentally friendly, high-capacity machines solve these problems – and free up resources to carry out other important tasks into the bargain!

We have developed a system called Machine & Method®. It is designed to optimise use of machine and treatment method. We help you find the right model for your various tasks, surfaces, areas and weeds. We also provide a summary of operating costs and total costs for each machine model per square metre per day. That gives you predictability when planning the maintenance jobs to be done in the park and green-space sector.


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We know that you face tough competition and ever-increasing price pressure in your day-to-day business.  Bidding for public contracts is both time-consuming and labour-intensive. Every tender has to be thoroughly costed and comply with the tendering rules and the requirement specifications for the contract, as well as delivering the lowest price as expected.

Heatweed Technologies wants to assist with this process and has developed a service called Machine & Method®. It is intended to give our customers clear-cut key figures for the individual weed control tasks in the contract. The figures are shown directly alongside the client’s requirements.

We are seeing more and more of our customers increasing their total capacity in the market using our high-capacity machines and our key figures. More jobs in the same period = higher earnings. Growth is mainly in the form of higher capacity per working day, i.e. more square metres treated per day and fewer treatments per season without this affecting the quality of the work.


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The Heatweed Mini has been specially developed for small, confined spaces. It is easy to take into service areas, into lifts and up to roof terraces, or into courtyards in hospitals and other places where quiet has to be maintained. This machine can also be plugged straight into a wall socket and connected to an outdoor tap, enabling it to be used in small cemeteries, at quiet housing cooperatives and on the many new roof terraces that are being built.

For slightly larger open spaces, communal areas and playgrounds we recommend our all-rounder, the Heatweed Mid.  Both machines are very quiet, cost-effective and easy to use.

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Heatweed Technologies has more than 35 years of experience in agriculture and farming. We specialise in chemical-free weed control for fruit and berry growers, as well as developing effective solutions for row crops, nurseries and Christmas tree growers.

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Water is without a doubt the most taken-for-granted natural resource in Europe. Water has a direct impact on our daily lives and well-being, but it is also a barometer of local ecosystem health.

Recent decades have brought a greater understanding of the physical, chemical and microbiological process that controls water quality in lakes and reservoirs. Warmer temperatures, acid rain, algal bloom and invasive species like Crassula around natural lakes and reservoirs mean that effective measures are needed. The many different Crassula species are growing more and more in natural lakes, threatening to smother the indigenous flora and fauna living in the area. They cover the surface of the water in a thick green carpet, depriving birds and animals of their natural habitat. The plant is also a threat to fish and invertebrates, as it sucks oxygen out of the water. Ultimately the plant covers the entire lake and smothers all life.

The plant has been allowed to grow unchecked in many nature reserves and national parks. In recent years more attention has been paid to invasive species that colonise natural parks and spread rapidly. Heatweed is researching and focusing on solutions for many of these species, including Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Knotweed, Canada Goldenrod, Lupins and Beach Rose.

Non-toxic, effective solutions are needed to control and gradually eradicate these invasive species. Heatweed Technologies has sound experience in controlling many of these plants in wetlands and natural parks, often in close collaboration with the water or power companies.

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