Customer Testimonials

Heatweed Technologies is constantly growing and is now represented in 14 European countries – and has ambitions to grow further. Our goal is to offer the market the best solution and we are proud to say that we have more than 500 references in Scandinavia. Feel free to contact us so we can put you in touch with an experienced Heatweed owner in your local area.

Lilla Kloster AB bought a Heatweed Sensor in 2014 – read interview with Magnus, Uffe and Micke here.


"As one of Sweden's largest leading companies in the construction, development and care of outdoor environments, we obviously always want to be in the forefront of method development. Opting to use hot water as a weed control method seemed natural. This environmentally friendly way of avoiding repetitive strain injuries to employees and at the same time carrying out weed control without the risk of harm to third parties is great. We chose Heatweed Technologies as our supplier following a detailed assessment that attached great importance to total life cycle costs, health and safety, environmental impact and several other factors. "

Leif Karlsson, Business Developer at Svensk Markservice AB