Compare the machines

What are you in need of?

From the compact Mini 14/4 to the highly effective Sensor 400/34:
Heatweed's range of machines covers different purposes depending on your capacity requirements and application.

The method can be used on all surfaces and in any weather, and works extremely well on everything from paving stones and asphalt to mats in playgrounds, sports grounds and bark mulch in flowerbeds. Our hand-held models are also recommended for chemical-free cleaning, frequently without any need for cleaning agents.

Area and capacity

The below table shows the capacity of each machine per day and over an entire season. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure which machine is best for tackling your weed problem!


The Mini, Mid and High machines are also great for chemical-free cleaning. They can even be used on difficult surfaces that cannot cope with high pressure, yet still kill bacteria/remove moss. Heatweed’s Boiling Hot Water technology offers extremely effective cleaning, faster drying times and gentle treatment of different surfaces – without the need for heavy-duty protective clothing.

More about cleaning with your Heatweed machine