Commited to the environment

All local authorities and companies have an environmental strategy, but if their projects are financially unsustainable, the environment will never win. We know this and so we develop technology that puts the environment in the spotlight – not just when it comes to current legislation, but with regard to the regulations that may be imposed during the life of the machine too.

Heatweed is CE approved as a professional weed machine. We can document that our machines have the lowest overall environmental impact, as well as prioritising ergonomics and the working environment.



  1. Lowest energy consumption: Less than a quarter of the energy consumption of modified high-pressure washers
  2. Lowest water consumption: Up to 65% lower
  3. Lowest exhaust emissions: We comply with the strictest exhaust requirements in the world and expected requirements that may be imposed during the life of the machine.
  4. Highest safety: Complete with Heatweed’s safety system on all functions, including lances.
  5. Lowest noise level: Measured for the whole machine, not just parts of it. Readings taken just 50 cm away.
  6. Long service life: Machines that are at least 7-10 years old are still in daily use.

Best working environment:

  • Handle does not get hot
  • Highest safety
  • User friendly and ergonomic, developed in collaboration with physiotherapists and users.
  • No dust inhalation, (brushes in dry circumstances do)
  • No exhaust of burners and hot air machines inhalation: Exhaust gases reduced to a minimum and directed away from the machine operator.
  • No hazard (no lighting of hedges and so on)


Weeds disappear just like that: