We are

Heatweed Technologies

"I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others… I find out what the world needs , then I proceed to invent." Thomas Alva Edison

We are going to set a new standard for chemical-free weed control!
Because we employ agronomists, biologists, botanists and plant researchers to work alongside our team of engineers, we appreciate just how important understanding the botany and physics of weeds is when it comes to developing the most efficacious and cost-effective technology.

The original

Heatweed Technologies has more than 35 years of experience of weed control in all its forms. We used to work with foam technology, but wanted to develop a more effective and affordable method that did not use palm oil. Heatweed was the first to introduce hot water as a method in Scandinavia and is still alone in offering high-capacity machines specially developed for weed control with proven effectiveness.


The innovator

Heatweed's vision is to set a new standard for chemical-free weed control!

That is why Heatweed is involved in several pan-European research projects aimed at giving the market solutions with a higher capacity, lower total costs and even better results. We will always invest a lot of time and resources in product development and studies – feedback from our customers also plays an important role in this respect.


The hot-water technology is based on various studies from the Swedish University of Agricultural Studies (SLU), the USA, New Zealand and Europa, among other places.
These studies concluded that hot water is the future, but more technological development was required in order to achieve consistent results and lower costs. Which is where Heatweed and our partners have been successful in recent years.

For us it is all about always having the right solutions. The goal has been to achieve the best results with weeds and the most economical solutions for customers. This led to us winning Sweden’s  Ecocompany of the Year 2014 award, for example.


Our values:

  • Innovation that matters
  • Commitment to results

Heatweed Technologies aims to give customers the best overall value and best results with weeds.