Heatweed Technologies

Weed control for the future

Heatweed is the original hot water weed control machine provider.
With more than 35 years of experience Heatweed has become the go-to authority for knowledge about non-chemical weed control.

We work closely together with research entities and universities, being involved in several pan-European research projects. This is how we prove our COMMITMENT TO RESULTS.

The Innovator

The Heatweed Team invest a lot of time and resources in product development and studies, resulting in INNOVATION THAT MATTERS - both for the environment and for our customer's wallet.
Feedback from end-users plays an important role in this respect.

Our vision is to continuously set the standard for chemical-free weed control.

Battling Invasive Species?

The Market Leader

We lead by knowledge.
For us it is always about always having the right solutions, and we continously look to improve both our machines and as a company. That is why former WAVE Weed Control B.V. and the WeedKiLLER portfolio of quality-manufacturer high-pressure cleaning machines, DiBO, now are part of the Heatweed Group.

Heatweed aims to give customers the best overall value and best results, as documented.

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The 360°

We never claim anything that is not proven, but we'll leave it up to you to decide. This might help you get a better picture of who we are: