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Laws and regulations

The Plant Protection Product Regulations vary from country to country, but the use of different kinds of pestecides and herbecides changes as we speak.

What is allowed?

UK, as one of the last countries in Europe to still use herbicides on a regular basis in urban areas is seeing a change in the public opinion. This change forces municipalities and councils to be stricter in their use of herbicides and pesticides. The increasing awareness of the effects glyphosate has on the environment and all living species, including humans is driving the change.

In the rest of Europe, strict regulations require alternative solutions to be used rather than chemicals. We know that if the environment is going to win, the alternative solutions have to be financially viable as well. So it is important to be able to offer technology and machines that work with a high capacity technology. This not only saves our municipalities and their contractors money, it also saving the environment.

Heatweed Technology and our Heatweed Method® is the original, the innovator and the European market leader. It is the cost-effective, no foam, no palm oil or other additive solution, it simply uses small quantities of hot water – it is proven to have the best results on the weeds and its root system and complies with any and all guidelines and legislations as it only uses 99 degree C hot water on the plants.