For large areas

XL 120/34

The Heatweed XL 120/34 is an extremely efficient high-capacity weed machine designed for large areas. Simple valve control by an electric control box makes targeted treatment possible, resulting in lower water and energy consumption and exhaust emissions.

The XL 120/34 can be mounted on various implement carriers. The machine comes as standard with a 140 cm application system for front mounting and an 800-litre water tank.

  • 100% water with no additives apart from decalcification liquid (natural product)
  • Automatic temperature control (+/- 0.4 oC) ensures a stable water temperature and consistent weeding results
  • Low water consumption per m2 means that water has to be topped up less frequently, leaving more time for weed control
  • Inaccessible areas can be treated with hand lances
  • Sturdy, reliable and weatherproof
  • Can be used throughout the season in any weather
  • Comfortable, safe and simple operation from cab
  • No need for extra sweeping after use
  • Optional integrated filter system for use with surface water.
  • Option of fitting hose reel and hand lance for use in confined spaces
  • No damage to road surfaces, street furniture or private property
  • Can be upgraded to a Heatweed Sensor 400/34
  • Can be mounted on/removed from tool carrier in 30 minutes.
  • Personal advice and training available
  • Heatweed assistance: Free user support by phone
  • Capacity: 5,000–10,000 m2/day
  • Operation/heating: Hydraulic/Diesel or Aspen D Biodiesel
  • Working-width: 1.40 metres
  • Application system: 7 x 20 cm independent sections, high-capacity side-facing water jets
  • Pressure for weed control: 0.1 bar
  • Transport speed: 25-40 km/h depending on implement carrier
  • Burner: 2 (diesel)
  • Capacity of burner tank: 105 litres
  • Emissions class: > EURO6
  • Capacity of water tank: 800 litres
  • Standard colour: RAL 9006
  • Equipment:
    Rear view camera
    Lateral adjustment of front unit (50-70 cm right/left)
    Hose reel with 12 m hose
    60 cm front unit (140 cm is standard)
    500- or 1,100-litre water tank
    GPS integration
    Integrated suction and filter system for surface water
    Hand-held weed lance with 4 or 12 m hose on reel
    Function for cleaning with pressure up to 130 bar
    Mounted on tool carrier, e.g. Holder C250


The Heatweed XL 120/34 can be used for cleaning (option) where the pressure can be adjusted up to 130 bar and with the water at a high temperature. If required, the XL 120/34 can be upgraded to the even more cost-effective Sensor 400/34, with advanced, patented sensor technology.