The all-rounder

Mid 22/8

Our bestseller, the Heatweed Mid 22/8, has been specially developed for local authorities, contractors, housing cooperatives and cemeteries, and is ideal for treating medium-sized areas.

The machine comes as standard with two different weed lances, a cleaning lance and a 500-litre water tank. It can be moved with pallet forks and placed on a flatbed or trailer.

The Mid 22/8 has a very low noise level, low exhaust emissions and low water consumption. The machine is easy to use, reliable and weatherproof. Quick and easy to start. Automatic temperature control.


The Heatweed Mid 22/8 has been specifically developed as a weed machine, but is also an excellent solution for cleaning of façades, benches, signs and gravestones.

The very high, stable water temperature ensures a short drying time, as well as lower water and energy consumption compared to hot-water washers. Algae, dirt and oil are more easily removed with the extremely hot water.

  • 100% water with no additives apart from decalcification liquid (natural product)
  • Automatic temperature control (+/- 0.4 oC) ensures a stable water temperature and consistent weeding results
  • Low water consumption per m2 means that water has to be topped up less frequently, leaving more time for weed control
  • Quick and easy to start.
  • High-precision operation with lightweight, ergonomic hand lances
  • Inaccessible areas can also be treated, reach up to 45 metres
  • Sturdy, reliable, weatherproof machine
  • Low noise level and emissions (Best emissions class)
  • Safe machine – no fire risk
  • Can be used throughout the season in any weather
  • Adjustable decalcification pump prevents calcification
  • Simple to load, unload and move with pallet forks
  • No external generator required
  • Ideal for cleaning
  • Capacity: 1,750–2,500 m2/day (22 hectares/season)*
  • Water consumption for weed control: 8 litres/minute
  • Pressure for weed control: 0.1 bar at the weed
  • Automatic temperature control: 99°C at the weed
  • Pressure for cleaning: Infinitely variable up to 50 bar
  • Temperature for cleaning: Approx. 85°C at 50 bar / 100°C at 45 bar
  • Capacity of water tank: 500 litres (840 x 700 x 1,060 mm)
  • Fuel for operation/engine: Petrol/Aspen 4 Alkylate Petrol
  • Capacity of tank for operation/engine: 3 litres
  • Number of burners: 1
  • Fuel for burner: Diesel/Aspen D Biodiesel
  • Capacity of tank for burner: 31 litres
  • Noise level: 76 dB measured 1 m from machine
  • Colour: RAL 5010 (base) and RAL 9006 (housing)
  • Hose reel (stainless steel): Automatic, includes 15 m hose
  • Hose: 1 x 15 m (30 m in total as standard
  • Measurements (l x w x h): 1,050 x 800 x 1,035 mm
  • Weight: 310 kg
  • Lances with standard package: 16 cm weed lance, 20 cm weed lance with wheels, high-pressure cleaning lance


Customised Heatweed trailer (car licence)
Water tank 300 litres, 1,000 litres or on request
Hose extension 15 m (up to 45 m)
Cleaning lance with brush
Filter set for using surface water
Combiframe for machine and water tank (500/1,000 litres)


* Real empirical figures for customers . Treatment frequency 3 times/season